Respect for the environment in which we live is very important for Cartiera Torre Mondovì. Therefore, we have obtained the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (A.I.A.)

Number 064/20217 in accordance with the D. Lgs. 372/99 which in turn implements the EC directive 96/61, in order to bring our company in line with regional and national environmental policies in accordance with the requirements.

The latest generation plants for the production of electrical and thermal energy and for water purification are among the main industrial investments of the Paper Mill to develop ecological policies aimed at reducing atmospheric pollution and limiting dependence on fossil fuels.

The Paper Mill’s commitment to following a GREEN business ethic is further underlined by the introduction, in 2013, of the energy-efficient cogeneration plant that has contributed to increased environmental benefits on a regional and global scale.






Co-generation plant

The cogeneration plant was installed in 2014 at the paper mill was financed by Mediocredito Centrale.

The new high-efficiency cogeneration plant (producing thermal energy and electricity at the same time) called ECOMAX 10NGS, produced by AB Impianti, has a total nominal power at full load of 1063 kWe and is fuelled by natural gas. The plant produces electrical energy, which is consumed entirely at the company’s production site, while the thermal energy produced by the engine cooling system and the smoke tube heat exchanger is used for the company’s technological purposes in the form of hot water and steam. Unlike other less modern plants, Cartiera Torre Mondovì does not disperse thermal energy into the environment, as it is almost entirely recovered and reused.

The lower consumption of energy resources, obtained through investment in green technology, allows the company to achieve lower pollution targets with consequent environmental benefits on a regional and global scale, thus reducing environmental impact and improving sustainability through the significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

Purification plant

Cartiera Torre Mondovi’s green ethic is also at the forefront in the management of water, which is essential for the production of cardboard. Water is a fundamental element in Cartiera Torre Mondovi’s production process, which is why the company is, committed on a daily basis to implementing purification processes that are essential for reducing environmental impact and complying with the sector’s BATs.

The company treats the water coming from the production process with a water purification plant, which has been built to meet the environmental sustainability commitments and objectives set by Cartiera Torre Mondovì. The plant consists of two purification stages, the first chemical-physical and the second biological, which make it possible to recover a large part of the purified water, reducing the environmental impact. The water taken upstream is returned clean downstream of the production plant.

In 2016, water treatment was implemented with a DACS type anaerobic plant, which, in addition to the aerobic plant already in place, has enabled the company to take a step forward in its eco-sustainable policy. The production wastewater introduced into an anaerobic reactor through the passage on special supports is purified and passed to the aerobic purification system, while the result of the purification is transformed into biogas that feeds a boiler for the production of thermal energy, which is reused in the production cycle. In this way, the purification result is converted into a new form of energy for the production plant.