Production of cardboard reels

Cartiera Torre Mondovì produces cardboard reels mainly for the hygiene sector, using 100% top quality waste paper and cardboard from private industry, municipal services and sector consortia such as COMIECO.

Cartiera Torre Mondovì S.p.A. has been active in the paper industry since 1902 and is owned by the Ghigliotti family. The company has made investment in technological and organisational innovation for the production of spiral and in-line tubes.

The paper mill has invested in machinery and technology to improve production processes and products in order to achieve, together with its customers, high levels of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Cartiera Torre Mondovì works closely with companies in the Hygiene Sector to guarantee consumers the sustainability of its production and processes, because the guaranty of the hygiene for people, work and home is more important than ever.

The paper mill is specialised in the production of grey and white and white/grey cardboard reels for the hygiene sector for the production of cardboard tubes for toilet paper, blotter paper rolls, products for hygienic and domestic use in disposable tissue paper.

“Cartiera Torre Mondovì pursues a model of sustainable development to safeguard the Planet through conscious and responsible choices for the well-being of people, activating all the tools and procedures to minimise its own environmental impact.”

Cartiera Torre Mondovì truly applies the principles of the circular economy: by using waste paper from selective waste collection, it generates maximum value in the recycling chain and guarantees the closing of the environmental cycle.

Main markets

Cartiera Torre Mondovì exports 60% of its production of tubular tape reels to Europe, Central America, the Middle East and Africa. The cardboard is sold to the main Italian and foreign tissue converters, and its customers include major multinationals in the hygiene sector.

Cartiera Torre Mondovì is leader in the production of a wide range of products to satisfy all the requirements of the world market, offering the best product quality standards.

Cartiera Torre Mondovì is partner of important companies that manufacture disposable tissue paper products for hygienic and domestic use, who rely on suppliers that have developed sustainable strategies and guarantee trust and credibility without reputational risk.

Areas and surfaces

square metres

for the storage of secondary raw materials and cellulose waste for the production of cardboard reels for tubes.

square metres

for the different stages of the processing of cellulose fibre from recycling diversified in the machinery area, water purification area.

square metres

of storage and handling area for new cardboard reels ready for delivery to tissue paper converters.

Production process


The waste paper is fed into a pulper where, under the action of water, it is pulped and reduced to a fibrous mixture which, passing through various tanks and filtering systems, is cleaned of impurities and transformed into a homogeneous mixture.


The pulp mixture then flows uninterruptedly over the flat table of the paper machine: passing through the presses and steam drying cylinders allows it to dry, passing through the smoothers evens out the surface. Finally, it reaches the bottom of the paper machine where it is wound onto a mandrel. At this point, once transferred to the rewinder, it is cut into strips and the resulting final reel passes to the packaging and storage stage.


An operator constantly monitors, via a computerised workstation, all stages of the paperboard working process in order to follow the stages and control the values and to intervene quickly to identify and correct any defects.


The paper machine can produce both single-layer grey or white board and two-layer white/grey board. In fact, in 2018, the new double-layer process was implemented, which made it possible to increase the variety of products to fully meet the needs of the Customers.

Circular Economy

Only recycled paper is used for the production of the cardboard reels, giving value to what is “waste”, thus inserting Cartiera Torre Mondovì in a circular economy system, where the raw material is recycled material which, once processed, creates a final product that at the end of its life can be used again as raw material in a new production process.